Comedy’s Prehistoric Origins

Where did comedy begin? In truth. We’ll never know. I like to imagine it began with a couple cavemen – let’s call the Mugg and Ugg.

Blog 1 Mugg & Ugg

Mugg thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas, the sabre-tooth cat’s pajamas, and always treats Ugg like a second-class cavedweller. Sure, Mugg is the better hunter and makes fewer clumsy mistakes than Ugg, but both give their all when working to put a meal on the table … well, eating rock?

One night, however, Mugg is grunting and gesticulating through a tale of heroism during the day’s hunt when Ugg accidentally knocks over a spear that gives Mugg a hard poke in the backside and sends him sprawling as the tribe squeals and stomps their approval.

In my imagination, comedy was born in that moment, along with the yet-to-be-labelled roles of schlemiel and schlemazel. And for that, we thank you, our cave-dwelling forefathers.









About Doc Davis's Baggy Pants

Doc Davis is a college professor and author of books on Burlesque and Baggy Pants Comedy. He appears regularly as half of the Doc & Stumpy comedy duo. His latest book, "The Delicate Art of Pie Throwing" is nearing completion.
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