Ancient Rome: The Turnip Toss Years

Can we all begin by admitting that food flying through the air then landing on a pushy, pious, pompous twit is pretty damned funny as well as inwardly satisfying? Though the intent may be protest, we all know that eliciting laughs at a bad guy’s expense is at least part of the reward.


The first known report of a public figure being bombarded with food comes from AD 63 when a Roman governor named Vespasian was targeted by turnip-throwing subjects who were sick of the financial hardship and harsh punishments he imposed.

You’ve got to figure someone found humor in this form of protest to risk their freedom. I mean, good god – these people ate fermented field mice as upscale hors d’oeuvres. What the hell was their prison food like?




About Doc Davis's Baggy Pants

Doc Davis is a college professor and author of books on Burlesque and Baggy Pants Comedy. He appears regularly as half of the Doc & Stumpy comedy duo. His latest book, "The Delicate Art of Pie Throwing" is nearing completion.
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